S Lube Needle Bearings

Japanese Patent No.7028476 (P7028476)
Japanese Patent No.7028476 Solid Lubrication Needle Bearings


S Lube Needle Bearings are bearings with solid-type lubricant moulded into the bearings.
S Lube is lubricant made of lubrication oil and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene that are solidified by heat treatment. It contains a large amount of lubrication oil. This type of solid lubricant allows the bearing to have a long service life by providing it with consistent lubrication oil in a proper amount.


●Corrosion-resistant stainless materials
Stainless needle bearings are suitable for use in industries where corrosion resistance is needed such as medical device, food machinery, printing machinery and packaging machinery.
※This product is also available in standard steel type.

●Minimizes condemination of the surrounding environment
The optimized solid lubricant structure retains oil in the bearing thus minimize the oil leakage.

●Strong protection against ingress of water and dusts
Structurally it prevents against ingress of contaminants. Even if it touches water the lubricant will not be washed out. The stainless type will further resist corrosion and damages against water.

●Maintenance free
Since the bearing supports consistent lubricant oil supply, lubrication maintenance is reduced over long-term use.

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