• Sustainability

Nose Seiko’s Sustainability

Since our establishment, we have committed ourselves in providing customers
with energy efficient products as the specialist in needle roller bearings.
“Good products start from good human resources.”
This value has led us to invest greatly in our HR development and technology improvement.
We have centered our business around creating economic values,
and in the future put emphasis on creating more values for our employees and the society in general,
through continuous diversity management, health management, and work-style reform.

Always on a quest for new solutions and leading the trend of our time

We started diversity management 10 years before the society had adopted the concept and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry had decided to promote it among companies in Japan. We were recognized as one of the New Diversity Management Selection 100 companies in 2018. All of our overseas sales members can speak fluent English so we go abroad ourselves in search for engineering talents. Japanese language skill is not required as long as we find the right person. This personalized approach has helped us attract top talents which big companies cannot do.

Encouraging women into the workforce has also started 35 years ago when during that time the company already had 60% female employees, many of whom were women who wanted to return to work after maternity leave. A workplace that respects women has naturally evolved.

Everything started from finding solutions to the problems we have encountered along the way.

Nose-ism has evolved naturally into an integration of cultures since its foundation
100 New Diversity Management Companies

Recognized as one of the New Diversity Management Selection 100 companies in 2018

Since being selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as one of the 100 New Diversity Management Companies, our diversity management has continued to deepen. Every year we recruit good people from local to all around the world, including fresh graduates as well as experienced mid-careers. All employees enjoy the full-time employement status no matter of their nationality, age, gender and etc. These diverse groups of people get together and create a strong synergy that enhances work performance, resulting in a greater company.

Initiatives towards a Sustainable Health Management
Excellent Health Management Corporation

In our company, we have issued a 'Health Declaration' committing to disease prevention and health promotion across the entire organization. Consequently, we have been certified as a '2024 Excellent Health Management Corporation (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Division)' by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, and the Japan Health Council.

By issuing a "Health Declaration", we declared our commitment towards the promotion of employee's health and illness prevention throughout the entire organization.
Because everyone is treated equally as full-time employees that we can together aim higher in our health challenges.

● Make sure 100% of our employees obtain annual physical exams
Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we encourage our employees to participate in
company-organized health events safely and receive regular health checks.

● Work-life balance
The acquisition rate of annual paid holidays in the entire company is normally over 70%(74% for FY2021).
The company encourages all members to take full use of their paid holidays.
Our goal for overtime is to completely reduce it to zero (avg. 11hrs/mo. for FY 2021).
We are also aiming for 100% in the next employment satisfaction survey (81% for FY2022).

● Promoting health and safety
・Our basic policy is putting employees safety and health first
・Management committee:

By supporting female employees and those with childcare needs,
we create a company where all employees can fulfill their potentials
Eruboshi certification

Awarded Eruboshi Certification from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in 2023

48% of our workforce are women as the result of Diversity Management.
The maternity leave acquisition rate is 100% and all of them can return to the same position they have held before the leave.
After the introduction of cobots into the machining department, female workers can now more freely work in all departments inside the plant and develop the skills they need for the future.
The number of employees who are willing to take paternity leave is increasing. The company is also working to expand the short-work-hour system to employees who have preschool kids so they can still work with a full-time employment status but shorter hours.
The company is commited to promote work-style reform to better support all employees coping with their personal life events while working full time.

Creating a state-of-the-art workplace that
not only creates economic values, but also solutions for a better future

● By offering long-life products with low maintainence, we help our customers improve their energy effiency for production activities
● Decrease our own energy usage by adopting energy-saving equipments
● Enforce 3R(Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) management on industrial wastes to minimize the environment impact
● Improve work efficiency by implementing IoT, cobots, new machining technology, office DX and unmanned night production