• Students: Engineering Fields
    We offer various types of positions within the R&D Department including New Product Development, Production Technology, Technical Support, and others.
    If you already know what you would like to do, you can join the group that fits your interest the most once entering the company. If not, your supervisor can guide you, and help you find out where your passion is through job rotations. By participating in different projects, you will be able to gain experience in a wide range of areas that can broaden your horizons in your future career.

    Employer Nose Seiko Co., Ltd.
    Employment Type Full-time permanent employee    
    Job Category Production technology, new product development, technical support, basic research, product design, quality control, technical system development, and others    
    Recruitment Period All year round    
    Job Start Date Flexible and negotiable    

    Job Introduction
    Each person’s career path is different, below are just some examples of job categories and thoughts shared by our employees.

    New Product Development
    Mission 「Changing only one bearing can change the whole world!」
    The ultimate goal is to achieve more energy-saving and compact bearings with longer life that can support the world’s future manufacturing industries.
    Rewards 「The bearings that I developed are now being used in the real world!」
    「Being able to contribute to my customers’ machine design and help them save costs are what I most proud of from my job!」
    Example of Jobs ・Perform researches on new markets, products, materials, etc.
    ・Design and develop parts or bearings to achieve performance, quality and cost targets
    ・Perform quality tests, production preparation, patent management, etc.
    You will enjoy this job more if you are ・A person who has a strong desire to create new things that future’s markets are looking for
    ・A person who wants to have experience in a wide variety of areas, instead of only focusing on one area
    ・A person who will not give up a difficult project until reaching his/her goals
    Production Technology
    Mission 「This is where JNS’s competitiveness comes from!」
    We offer our customers shorter delivery time, higher-quality and lower-cost products by continuously improving our production technology through automation, robotics, IoT, etc.
    Rewards 「The robotic equipment that I designed and built has greatly improved QCD!」
    「It gives me a sense of achievement when I can involve in the whole process of the project, from design to production.」
    Examples of Jobs Leading the way to the new concept of smart factory:
    Research and implement the latest technology, automation and unmanned production, quality control in the production process, AI development using production data obtained from in-house IoT system, etc.
    You will enjoy this job more if you are ・A person who stays up-to-date on technical developments in the market
    ・A person who likes solving difficult problems
    ・A person, when walking the streets and seeing interesting things, often thinks “if this could be implemented in our company would not it be nice?!”
    Technical Support
    Mission 「It’s all for customer satisfaction.」
    No matter whether they are end users using our products, distributors selling our products, or the company leaders who are expecting our good work, as an engineer we consider all of them as our customers. Our work is to make them happy about our products and services.
    Rewards 「I was able to gain trust from my customers when I can conduct accurate research and help them solve their problems!」
    「By finding out the causes for defected products, I helped my company to improve production efficiency!」
    「By doing troubleshooting of our current products, I found ways to make improvement and develop new products!」
    Examples of Jobs ・Responsible for collecting end-user usage information which sometimes requires on-site trouble shooting
    ・Perform various testing and analysis on products
    ・Propose corrective actions based on the results of analysis
    You will enjoy this job more if you are ・A person who wants to connect with end users and get their feedbacks on our products
    ・A person who enjoys observing things from different angles and perspectives and is persistent in finding out the causes and truth underneath the surface (maybe you also likes to read Sherlock Holmes and Detective Conan)
    ・A person who is motivated by serving the customers’ needs

  • Employment Benefits
    Basic Salary Bachelor’s degree: 213,600 JPY per month Master’s degree: 225,600 JPY per month 1) Promotion: once a year 2) Bonus: twice a year (FY2019: the average equals to 6.1 months salary)
    Location Headquarter (Osaka, Japan) or R&D Center (Osaka, Japan)
    Employee 109 (100% full-time employees)
    Hours 08:05~17:05 (8 hours actual work hours)
    Vacations and Days Off Annual holidays 121 days (including 3 paid holidays), Two-day weekends, Japanese national holidays including New Year, Golden Week, Summer vacation, etc. Paid holiday acquisition rate is 74% based on FY2018.
    Benefit and Welfare 1) Full social security benefits (health insurance, pension, unemployment insurance, and workers’ accident compensation insurance) 2) Complementary insurance (Group Term Life Insurance, Group 3 Major Disease Insurance) 3) Severance package (over 3 years of working) 4) Childcare/nursing care leave 5) Lunch provided by the company 6) Recognition of continuous service 7) Indoor fitness gym 8) Company events (e.g. group trips, sports meetings, year-end party, etc.)