Privacy Policy

  • Privacy Policy

Nose Seiko Co., Ltd. Has established its own basic policy toward the protection of customer’s personal information as explained below, based on personal information protection law in Japan.

Obtaining Personal Information

We obtains personal information when it is necessary to inform our business objectives or recruitment activities. We will identify the purpose of use thereof and obtain it to the extent it becomes necessary and through a lawful and fair manner.

Handling of Personal Information

We shall implement safety measures in a suitable manner to prevent any and all personal information from being accessed in an unauthorized manner, from being lost, damaged, altered, or leaked, etc.

Use of Personal Information

We use personal information only within the scope for which it was obtained. Personal information may be used for the following purposes.

  • Providing information about our products and services
  • Responding to inquiries or requests from business partners and applicants
  • Recruiting and communicating with applicants
  • Guidance regarding seminars, exhibitions, events, and etc. held by the company
  • Other purposes with obtaining a prior consent from the relevant customer

Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

We will not provide personal information to third parties except in the following circumstances.

  • Where the individual has consented
  • When sharing statistical data that does not contain personally identifiable information
  • Where it is necessary to preserve life, ensure personal safety or protect property
  • Where it is required by law

Disclosure, Correction Cessation of Use and Erasure of Personal Information

We will promptly disclose, correct, and cease to use or erase personal information, if we receive a request from identified individual. However, please note that those request may cause inconvenience in using some parts of our services.

Compliance with applicable laws and regulations and improvements

We will attempt to continue improvements in order to observe any applicable laws and regulations and/or any governmental notifications and guidelines and so that any and all personal information may be handled in a proper manner. Any modification thereof will be reflected in this basic policy from time to time.

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