Mid-Careers: Engineering Fields
We offer various types of positions within the R&D Department including New Product Development, Production Technology, Technical Support and others.
You will be able to discuss your area of interest and the experiences you can bring to the company with HR director and Manager before entering the company. At our company, we also encourage employees to be multi-skilled if you would like by participating in variety of projects in different departments.

Employer Nose Seiko Co., Ltd.
Employment Type Full-time permanent employee    
Recruitment Period All year round    
Job Start Date Flexible and negotiable    
Job Functions Production technology, new product development and marketing, technical support, basic research, product design, quality control, technical system development, control software design, software development, machine design, material development, etc.
※Your jobs are determined based on your previous experience and skills.
Expected Salary Yearly salary for regular position: above 4,000,000 JPY
Yearly salary for management position: above 8,000,000 JPY
1)Promotion: once a year
2)Bonus: twice a year (FY2019: the amount equals to about 6.1-months salary)      
※Promotion and bonuses are based on performance instead of seniority.
Location Headquarter (Osaka, Japan), R&D Center (Osaka, Japan), or Nara Plant (Nara, Japan)
Employee 109(100% full-time employees, no part-time positions)
Hours 08:05~17:05 (8 hours actual work hours)
Vacations and Days Off Annual holidays 121 days (including 3 paid holidays), Two-day weekends, Japanese national holidays including New Year, Golden Week, Summer vacation, etc.
Paid holiday acquisition rate is 74% based on FY2018.
Benefit and Welfare 1)Full social security benefits (health insurance, pension, unemployment insurance, and workers’ accident compensation insurance)
2)Complementary insurance (Group Term Life Insurance, Group 3 Major Disease Insurance)
3)Severance package (over 3 years of working)
4)Childcare/nursing care leave
5)Lunch provided by the company
6)Recognition of continuous service
7)Indoor fitness gym
8)Company events (e.g. group trips, sports meetings, year-end party, etc.)