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What's New
2016.08.26 Passed assessment test for Technical Proficiency for 3rd Grade (11 persons)
2016.07.04 Participated in Career fair at Kyoto University.
in Taiwan by supporting the local distributor
2016.05.23 Organized the first JNS SUMMIT to commemorate the opening of the new Head Office
Customers from 20 countries registered their participation


in Taiwan by supporting the local distributors
2016.03.28 JNS R&D Center was established.
2016.03.28 Completed of construction of new Head Office
(features include: wheel-chair accessibility, elevators, barrier-free workspace, prayer room, multi-purpose toilets)
Assembly line has been upgraded to achieve same level of cleanliness as in a food factory
2016.03.14 Passed assessment test for Technical Proficiency for 1st Grade (4 persons), 2nd Grade (1 person) and 3rd Grade (7 persons)
2016.03.07 Global recruitment from top universities in Hong Kong and Taiwan
2015.12.19 Awarded Dark Blue Ribbon- Medal of Honor-for financial conditions to the well-being of the public
2015.12.10 Installed IoT System to keep track of the production efficiency 24/7
2015.10.28 Co-exhibited in KOMAF 2015, Korea Machinery Fair in Seoul, South Korea
with our local distributor
2015.10.05 Accredited "Silver prize" and "Chairman's Award" in assessment test for Technical Proficiency
2015.09.18 Global recruitment form top universities in South Korea
2015.08.28 Passed assessment test for Technical Proficiency for 3rd Grade (4 persons)
2015.06.01 Constructed Logistics Center to strengthen our prompt delivery system
to our customers all around the world
2015.03.16 Passed assessment test for Technical Proficiency for 2nd Grade (1 person) and 3rd Grade (2 persons)
2014.09.30 Passed assessment test for Technical Proficiency for 2nd Grade (1 person)
2014.08.23 Organized round-the-world sales trip as a part of new employee training program
Destinations included Canada, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Portugal, Morocco
2014.02.01 Acquired the land next to the head office to construct a new building for
head office and warehouse expansion
2014.01.20 Product Discontinuation Notice!!
Production of JNS Cam followers CF/CFH..and CF/CFH..B series (including stainless steel type) will be discontinued at the end of JUL.2014. (click to see the details)
2014.01.10 Introduced humanoid robot in the assembly line and inspection process
Place: Tokyo Big Sight
2013.05.14 Sales of the newly developed COMBINED NEEDLE ROLLER BEARINGS to start in July!
NKX, NKXI types: assemblies of thrust ball bearing and needle bearing


The languages which JNS staff speak increase to 10!
2013.03.28 Company information session for graduate students at Osaka
University's Department of Mechanical Engineering
2012.11.30 Global recruiting: opening in Singapore
2012.11.15 Global recruiting: opening in Taiwan
2012.09.30 Around-the-world sales trip as part of staff training
Place: USA, Columbia, Peru, Argentine, Switzerland, Austria
Place: Shanghai, China
Time: September 20, 2012~September 23, 2012
2012.01.15 Start GLOBAL RECRUITMENT!!
We conducted recruiting interview in Seoul, Korea.
2011.10.01 Released world first new products of STAINLESS STEEL type needle roller bearings !!
2011.09.30 New products of Heavy Duty Type Cam follower and Roller follower have been released !!
2011.06.01 We participated in "Busan International Machinery Technology Fair 2011 (BUTECH 2011)".
The date of the fair: from May 25th to 29th in Pusan, Korea.
2009.07.02 We participated in "Busan International Machinery Technology Fair 2009 (BUTECH 2009)".
The date of the fair:from May 20th to 24th Pusan,Korea.
2007.12.18 For expansion of business, we purchased 15,500m2 of land in Nara for the third factory.
2007.07.27 We wll participate in "The 4th China International Small and Medium Enterprises Fair : JAPAN Fair in Guangzhou" in China from Sep. 15th to 18th.

We participated in
"Busan International Machinery Technology Fair 2011 (BUTECH 2011)".
The date of the fair: from May 25th to 29th Pusan, Korea.


Busan International Machiery Technology Fair 2011 (BUTECH2011)

We pariticipated in BUTECH2011 in Busan, Korea from May 25th to May 29th.

Participating in Exhibition is becoming a NOSE's tradional event, and is said to be a first step up for freshmen. All of new recruits paticipated in the fair this time.

Our senior was resiponsible for the preparation of the exhibition, and with helping (?) him, we felt how hard the exhibition was.

But as soon as we saw our goods were exhibited and the booth was in JNS color,we were deeply moved !

We have released new products, and a lot of visitors came to our booth.Though we don't understand Korean, we put our hearts into communicating with them, showing them our korean product brochures for the PR.
A pile of prochures ran out by our efforts !

The new recruit members experienced a lot in this exhibition and they got stimulated at the same time.When finished the Fair, the back view of them were brave.


The 4th China International Small and Medium Enterprises Fair
: JAPAN Fair in Guangzhou

JNS exhibited in "China International small and intermediate sized businesses exhibition fair in Guangzhou ", from September 13th to 16th which was performed in Guangzhou China.
With a theme of “a booth which is mainly made by ladies", 3 young ladies including a student who has an experience of studying abroad and going to be a colleague of JNS, flew to Guangzhou China.

When we arrived at the exhibition hall, what we found was a booth which was totally different from the drawings. We could not believe our eyes! Negotiated to the setting staffs and worked out properly.

It was a happening which mede us realize our boss' word again, “You never know what happens overseas and that is common". We got over those things and the exhibition went smoothly.

As expected, it was China! There were many visitors! Many visitors came to our shining booth. Looking around, there was no booth mainly made by ladies.
This time, we had more lights and artifice layout. In addition, the gimmick of the display which a young staff member made with own product stopped the foot of many visitors and everybody was interested in it!

Unexpected happening has happened during this time. Though compared to the first time, we found out ourselves grew up a lot more. Bring back some challenges, we still need to grow up from what we have experienced in Guangzhou China, young staffs are enthusiastic to what they need to do.

Busan International Machinery Technology Fair2007(BUTECH2007)

We participated in BUTECH2007 in Busan, Korea from May 28th to Jun. 3rd.

Preparing for this exhibition, our recent experience in New Delhi, India helped us a lot. Of course those made a plan, prepared and managed the exhibition were freshmen again!
Our booth color was red, which is so loved by Korean people and thanks to which many people visited our booth! Although we had a big problem in Korean language, we tried to communicate by gesture, notes, etc. Their few knowledge on products was another problem but, at the same time, has motivated them a lot.
We participated in IMAC2007 in Seoul, Korea from Jun 13th to Jun. 16rd.

17th International Engineering & Technology Fair (IETF2007)

We took participation in 17th International Engineering & Technology Fair (IETF2007) in New Delhi, India from Feb. 13th, 2007 to Feb.16th as exhibitors.
As soon as we stepped in the exhibition hall, we were surprised at our "youthfulness". It was because in our JNS's booth main people who worked in the exhibition were freshmen while in other booths there were only middle-aged people... Besides, we didn't only attend the exhibition but also started this project from planning and preparing beforehand!
As we had anticipated, Indian people were interested in something shiny like our products and therefore our booth always had full of guests from various fields. Especially we were so happy when native TV staffs came to us to videotape our booth and ORIGAMI, which is Japanese traditional paper craft and we prepared as promotional stuff.
We believe this experience will be useful to hold next exhibition in Korea.
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